4 Reasons Your Website Is Gradually Dropping in Rank

Your website is dropping in rank, here’s why:

There are many reasons your website may be dropping in rank on search engines. For instance, a change in search algorithms may have affected your site, and your competitors might have done a better job of adapting.

That being said, the exact reason behind your website’s lowered rankings can be different from one situation to the other. As such, it would be almost impossible to pinpoint why it happened. However, we can give you a general overview of the causes of lowered rankings to help you understand what might be happening to your website.

1. The algorithm has changed

As mentioned earlier, a change in a search engine’s algorithm may have negatively affected your rankings. These changes do not happen because a search engine is targeting specific websites. Instead, it happens in an attempt to enhance the overall user experience.

In other words, the changes in algorithms are meant to bring the best websites with the most relevant content to satisfy users’ needs. It just so happens that your website did meet the most recent criteria to be deemed as one of the best.

2. The top rank is only temporary

Most people assume that once a website does well, it will retain its favorable rankings permanently. Unfortunately, this cannot be further from the truth. In reality, the top positions are only temporary. There will always be competitors trying to beat you to a higher rank, meaning that losing the top spots can mean that a competitor simply outperformed you.

3. The internet is a dynamic place

Almost everything about the internet changes over time. For example, your competitors may have new links set up to direct users to their site, or that new trends in content creation may have appeared. Either way, search engines are like ever-changing battlefields, where the advantage may shift at any given moment.

Nevertheless, all of these changes can be seen as trends. If your website is not in line with the current trends, it will get pushed down and become not as relevant as before.

4. The audience has changed their search habits

Even if the search engine algorithms remain static, and you and your competitors are not doing much to improve search engine optimization, changes in audience behavior can also affect rankings.

For instance, the way internet users perform queries can change, and their needs may differ over time. The shift to voice search is a good example. People now value convenience and fast results, which voice-based technology provides. This can lead to a gradual decline to your site’s relevance, slowly dropping its rank over time.


How do you address all of these problems? The only way to do that is to keep yourself and your website up to date. This requires a lot of research, tweaking, testing, experimenting, and more, all of which take time and money.

It is no longer enough to merely pump out content for your users to read. Instead, it is your responsibility to satisfy your audience’s ever-changing needs and the changes in search engines.

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