Your Essential Business Guide to Website Development Trends in 2020

Website development trends in 2020 are continuing to challenge most business owners, so you need to be smart before simply integrating them. Remember, the end goal of website development should always be about engaging modern users, and this should help you determine whether you should integrate specific trends into your website. 

This article looks into the different website development trends in 2020 and what business owners like you should consider before reconfiguring your current website. The main goal is to help you better understand how website development affects your online business presence. 

Website Development Trends in 2020

The following website development trends have only recently become a rising standard among different websites in 2020. Take this opportunity to learn more about their functionality and benefits. This knowledge will help you determine whether your website should have these features: 

  • Voice Search Optimization

Voice searches are becoming increasingly prominent due to the rise of virtual assistants, like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Voice search data is gaining popularity, with modern businesses optimizing their sites to cater to this niche. 

Often, businesses that sell essential products and services benefit from voice search optimization. However, there is a possibility that voice search can become more common in the future. Thus, businesses are now investing in voice search optimization to anticipate future market opportunities. 

  • Mobile Browsers and Applications

Mobile phone browsing has been a decade-long website development trend that has become a new standard among modern businesses. This is due to the rise of smartphones and tablets, which either need or prefer to load websites on mobile web browsers. 

Some businesses have even completely migrated to mobile applications due to their more lucrative and industry-specific nature (e.g., Amazon Prime and eBay). In effect, most businesses have mobile browser-friendly versions of their website to serve a wider range of customers. 


Essential steps to integrating Website development trends 

Website development trends may pressure your business to buy into these services, but you need to make sure that your current customer base can benefit from it. Consider the following steps to come up with the best decision for your business website: 

  • Consider your customer demographics and target market

Your current customers may not adapt well to your website’s new functions, and they may prefer more traditional means of engagement or communication. For example, some customers prefer chatting with a customer representative rather than with a chatbot. 

Look into your current website functions and study your current customer base carefully. You can then analyze and come up with projections based on your demographics and target market. This will help you better decide whether a specific website development trend will be an asset or loss for your online business. 

  • Consult with a digital marketing agency

Businesses should learn to differentiate online marketing fads from developing online customer needs. However, there may be something they are missing out on in terms of viable marketing opportunities. For example, a more traditional business may benefit from an upgrade to a mobile phone-friendly site. 

The best way to effectively integrate new website design trends is by consulting with a digital marketing agency and analysing the online customer funnel. Their expertise in the current market makes them the best choice for effective website development. This allows you to optimize your online approach and avoid diving into trends without first validating your projections with customer analytics. 



In 2020, many website trends continue to pressure business owners and website designers alike, but the goal is to always study the market first before integrating anything new. Consult with the experts today to have a balanced look into website development and digital marketing. 

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