Fulfillment Policy for LJordan Designs

Overview of Services

LJordan Designs specializes in crafting custom designed websites for agencies and companies. Our services range from website design to full-scale development and deployment, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


All projects will be quoted and billed in United States Dollars ($)

Project Initiation and Timelines

Each website project is initiated upon the signing of a contract which outlines the scope, milestones, and timeline specific to the project. The processing time for each project varies depending on its size and complexity. A detailed timeline will be provided to ensure all parties are aligned on expectations and delivery.

Digital Product Delivery

As a service-based company, LJordan Designs does not ship physical goods. Instead, clients are provided with URLs to development sites, allowing them to view and track progress in real-time. Upon project completion, websites are either deployed to the client’s server or hosted on LJordan Designs’ servers based on the terms of the hosting agreement.

Hosting Services

For clients who choose to have their websites hosted by LJordan Designs, continuous digital access is maintained on our servers as long as the hosting agreement remains active and payments are up to date.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Projects may be canceled at any point during the development process. If a client is dissatisfied with the progress or direction of the project, a negotiation for partial or full refund will be considered based on the work completed at the time of cancellation. Once a project is approved and deployed, the services are considered completed, and no refunds will be issued for completed services.

Customer Service and Support

For any inquiries or support, clients can contact our customer service team at info@ljordandesigns.com. We are committed to providing a response within 1 business day to ensure timely and effective resolution of your queries.

Project Availability

We accept projects based on our current availability. A project is considered active and scheduled once the contractual agreement is signed by both parties.

Compliance and Client Satisfaction

LJordan Designs is dedicated to compliance with industry standards and client satisfaction. We strive to provide transparent, high-quality service from initiation to completion of each project.

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