3 Last-Minute SEO Tips to Prepare Your Website for the Holidays

So, you’re working hard to prepare your business for the holidays, only to realize that you’ve completely forgotten one crucial thing: your website. Now, you’re scurrying around the internet looking for quick tips to help your website make the most out of the holidays. Fortunately for you, there’s plenty you can do, specifically in terms of search engine optimization, to help your website maximize its online reach and your revenue as a result.


That said, here are some last-minute SEO tips to prepare your e-commerce website for the holidays:


  1. Create a Holiday-Specific Shopping Category


If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to create a “holiday shopping” or “Christmas shopping” section of your website. Not only will this make it easier for holiday shoppers to find what they’re looking for, but it will also help improve your chances of showing up in online search results that include the keyword “holiday” or “Christmas” or “Thanksgiving” or “Black Friday,” etc.


Don’t forget to be as specific as you can, too.


For instance, if you sell Christmas ornaments, don’t just use the holiday category—specify exactly what type of ornaments you’re selling, such as “glass Christmas ornaments,” “acrylic Christmas ornaments,” “felt Christmas ornaments,” etc.


  1. Keep Track of All Your Campaign’s Performance


There’s no telling what types of deals you’ll be able to get for your business during the holidays, and if you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware that not all marketing campaigns are created equal. You need to know exactly how much each of your marketing efforts is worth so that you can continue to invest in the ones that bring you the most value and minimize your focus on the ones that don’t.


Luckily for you, several analytics tools can easily track the return on investment for each of your holiday marketing campaigns. Admittedly, a few of them are a bit complex, but fortunately, you can also use free tools, such as Google Analytics to get the job done.


  1. Start Creating Your Holiday-Themed Content


An excellent way to increase your website’s visibility on the internet is to start creating holiday-themed blog posts. Holiday-themed blog posts are perfect for search engine optimization since they’re most likely to be shared on social media, increasing page views and links from other websites.


Additionally, it doesn’t matter if your business has been around for years or if it’s entirely new. If you’re a business owner, chances are good that you’ve never had to create holiday-themed content before, so it’s a great way to add something new to your business, create a new blog series, and help educate your customers at the same time.




Essentially, there’s no excuse for not taking action to ensure your e-commerce business thrives this holiday season. Making your website more visible among the competition and boosting your SEO is something you can easily do before the holiday rush really gets started. If you have yet to implement any of the tips we’ve shared today, apply them right away. If you are too busy for this, reach out to SEO professionals to help you. They will ensure your website is SEO-ready for the holidays to ensure maximum traffic, conversions, and revenue!


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