The 2022 Web Design Trends We’re Anticipating

Web design trends come and go, but 2022 could be different. Yes, current events like the COVID-19 pandemic play a role in how the world turns, but mobile devices are getting more powerful, and privacy and security are becoming increasingly important.


This is the year that web designers and developers can finally address societal factors such as economic recovery, privacy, and security. It’s an exciting time to see sites shift toward greater transparency, openness, and simplicity to acquire market traction in the coming year. 


Without further ado, here are the trends we anticipate will shape 2022, as well as recommendations for staying ahead of them!


Show Rather Than Tell

2022 Web Design Trends - Show Instead of Tell

Is this a trend or just good advice? Either way, you must explore using unusual and interesting images and experiences to motivate your users. Expect to see a rise in background video and animations that captivate your visitor’s interest, reduce bounce rate, and encourage them to connect with the words and messaging between now and 2022. 


Moreover, animations are a great tool to explain complicated concepts and procedures. While they are prone to overuse, simple and succinct animations can present a topic more effectively than words. Yes, pages come to life thanks to micro-interactions and micro animations. Your visitors may be unable to describe your minor but noticeable features, yet they contribute a significant difference. Showing your users why they need you is one of the most important web design trends of 2022.


2022 Web Design Trends - Simplicity

Simplicity at Best

Fewer words, more graphics, and direct calls to action should be the norm in 2022. Web design trends will shift toward lighter, more exploratory experiences rather than offering everything on a single page. Instead of extensive talks that overwhelm the visitor, they will be simple statements that encourage the visitor to discover more.


In contrast to infographics, which were highly structured, typographically driven, and space constricted, design in 2022 will embrace more space and flowing motion. This allows for the expression of information rather than being compacted and overbearing.


Web forms will most likely become simpler and lighter in weight to prevent losing potential leads. A single huge form is less effective than a succession of smaller queries spaced out over time in capturing fresh leads.


Enhanced Safety and Security2022 Web Design Trends - Security


Design trends are evolving to help users re-engage after 2020 and 2021. Websites are changing to give people space, relieve worry, and make them feel secure and protected, especially with personal and sensitive data. Of course, more than aesthetics and experiences, people will always want to feel safe, even in the digital space.


Personalization and Accessibility

2022 Web Design Trends - Personalization

In terms of accessibility, our devices are increasingly accommodating all types of users, including those who have visual or auditory conditions. Thus, accessibility, like security and device agnosticism, must be considered from the beginning of the design process. This component is also often associated with security, design, and content strategy in web development.


On another note, one of the key reasons that more websites are modifying their themes and fonts is accessibility. Dark mode (which prevents eye strain when viewing your website at night) and font scale and contrast modification are becoming increasingly popular.


2022 Web Design Trends - Bold and Friendly

Positivity and a Mood-Boosting Outlook


Trends are influenced by the ever-evolving and thriving culture. As such, negative attitudes may also affect and befuddle today’s Internet. When we are bombarded with information, we struggle to regulate and comprehend our experiences. Thus, positive content must be produced and consumed in this digital age.








Successful websites will aid users and inspire positive thinking and kindness in 2022, and hopefully, beyond. In relation to this, clear messaging and inspirational visuals are used to encourage suggestions for recovery and progress. As you help your visitors, you will use these web design trends to encourage them to think favorably about your site. This could strengthen your relationship with your users and customers, as well as help you build a long-standing brand.


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