Website Redesign: Important Questions to Ask Before You Begin

As a company grows, its vision and mission also develop. Along with this change is the need to tweak all other marketing components. There will come a time when you need to revamp your website to fit new marketing goals. Companies usually embark on a website redesign to add more functionality, improve their user experience, generate more leads, and increase site traffic.


If you plan to do the same for your website, you need to carefully plan out how you want your new design to turn out. Use these 5 questions to identify how else you can improve your current website.


Question 1: What are the elements that work in your site? What are the things that need improvement?


There will always be good points and bad points on every website. It is essential to understand your site’s best features so you can retain them, or better yet, improve them in your redesign. Understanding the points for improvement could also help you identify which elements to remove or change to improve your site’s performance.


Examining your site’s analytics would give you a better view of your site’s performance, including which articles bring in more traffic and which content site visitors love the most.


Question 2: Is your content still aligned with your new messaging?


Next, you can examine your content and see how you can tweak them to align with your current brand messaging. If you think that the current and future messaging are a bit distant from each other, then you can develop new structures to ensure that your new content would communicate your new messaging better.


By doing a rough accounting of your site, your team would know the steps they need to move forward in terms of content.


Question 3: What are your measurable new goals for your “new” website?


It is not enough that you have new goals for your company. You also need to set quantifiable and specific objectives for your website too. It could be improving your customer conversion, understanding your audience better, or increasing your brand reputation and awareness. Make these goals measurable by adding numbers to the statement so you can quickly identify what goals are met and still need to be improved.


Question 4: What are the competitors doing?


Understanding your brand and how it uniquely works is crucial, but learning how competition performs could give you insight that might be useful for your website redesign. By doing a competitor analysis, you would be able to determine what among their site features visitors loved the most and what other elements you might be missing. Do not limit yourself to one or two competitors. Make sure to browse other websites that offer similar products or services to learn from their online strategies.


Question 5: Is the web design already mobile responsive?


If your website is not yet mobile-responsive, take the opportunity to add it to the list of the main changes to apply to your site. Mobile-friendly websites are a must these days because it makes a website available to more people. It improves the overall user experience and also enhances site engagement in Google ranking.




Planning a website redesign would take time. You will need to brainstorm and identify things to work on, especially if you are planning to tweak the website to meet bigger goals. Start answering these questions to get your plans moving and take note of the other things that will arise throughout the process.


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