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Bulk Edit Links to Open in a New Tab

Man staring at his laptop with the default google screen open in chrome.

In this video, we will demonstrate how to use the Find and Replace tool within an IDE to update your HTML <a> tags. We’ll show you how to add the target=”_blank” attribute to the tags so that they will open in a new tab, making it easier for your users to navigate between your website…

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The Comprehensive Guide to Minimalist Web Design

Minimalist Website Design

Your web design impacts the overall success of your website. Trying to put many design elements all at once on a single page can make your visitors feel overwhelmed and your site looks cluttered.  At present, many web designers opt for a simplistic approach and leverage minimalism to connect more with the visitors and create…

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Your Essential Business Guide to Website Development Trends in 2020

Website Development Trends

Website development trends in 2020 are continuing to challenge most business owners, so you need to be smart before simply integrating them. Remember, the end goal of website development should always be about engaging modern users, and this should help you determine whether you should integrate specific trends into your website.  This article looks into…

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Progress Points for Boosting Your Local SEO

Boost Your Local Seo

Progress Points for Boosting Your Local SEO No small business owner has it easy. Up against fierce competition and the occasional technical challenges, local SEO is part of a marketing scheme you’ll want to get ahead of. Some entrepreneurs go the SEO lane alone, whereas others choose to work with an SEO agency. Whatever your…

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3 Ways SEO Practices Can Make Your E-Commerce Website Thrive in a Post-Coronavirus World

3 eCommerce SEO Practices

In a post-coronavirus world where businesses remain out of order, start-ups and larger-than-life corporations alike are struggling to get back on track. The months-long national quarantine and temporary shutdowns in the economy made a significant dent, especially for small e-commerce businesses that don’t fall under the “essential” services. Fortunately, there is a silver lining in…

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