8 Reasons You Should Have Images on Your Website

You have probably heard it said before, images and videos on your website can help you increase your website’s conversion rate. But the real question is, why are images an important part of your website strategy? Here are reasons why they are:

  • You Get More Views


With images and videos, you can keep your users engaged, even when they are not directly interacting with your site.


Images are referred to by search engines more frequently than other web content, so it’s more likely that your website will show up in search results. And if you post a video with transcripts, you can even rank for long-tail keywords that you have never even thought about.

  • You Get to Bring More Life to Your Products or Services


There is a lot of value that visual content can bring to your business. It allows you to bring more life to your products and services, even getting you more sales. For example, you can encourage other people to purchase your product or service by using images or videos of satisfied customers.

  • You Have Better Chances to Show Up on Search Results


If you want a quick way to get more leads or sales, you need to get your website to show up on search engines. You can integrate videos and images into your site to make it easier for search engines to index. So, you can get your website to be found as easily as possible.

  • You Can Use Images to Leverage the Power of Social Media


Images can attract users to your website. But when you post them on social networks, they can have an even bigger influence. For example, if you post a great image on Pinterest and someone likes it, they can share it with their friends. And this can exponentially increase your site traffic.

  • You Can Make Your Website Look More Professional


Images can help your website look more professional. If you use images, your website will look more attractive, and it will be more engaging. And if you use video, you can use tools to create a video that looks professional.

  • You Can Show Your Products in Action


Images and videos have the ability to show your products in action. This can help boost user engagement and increase your conversion rates.

  • You Can Use Images to Tell a Story


You can also use images to tell a story. You can create a series of images that work together to tell a story about your company or your product.

  • You Can Tell Your Users What Your Business Values Are


Images and videos can help you show your users your business values. They are a great way to show your users that your business cares about the environment, or you can use them to express your mission and show why your business exists.


Take Advantage of the Power of Images Today


Images and videos can help improve the usability and overall experience of your website. They are also a great way to get more views, increase your exposure, and get the most out of social media. So make sure to use them on your website!


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