5 Features That Make Up a Good E-Commerce Website

If you’re looking to grow in the world of e-commerce, then you should know how important it is to have a good website. Your website design can be the driving factor that either brings in the clicks and conversions or turns away potential customers.


So, when building or revamping your site, make sure you don’t skip out on these essential features.


1 – Secure Encryption


If you’re not using a secure HTTPS connection, then you’re basically handing over your customers’ information to the entire world. This can compromise their security, along with their trust in your business.


An SSL certificate isn’t free, but it’s so worth the investment. You’ll be protecting your visitors, your business, and your reputation.


Though you may see free options out there, they are still risky simply because they don’t carry the same authentication as paid systems. This means attackers can simply make an effort to forge a certificate and interfere with all of the communications and connections on your network.


2 – Easy Navigation


Customers shouldn’t have to hunt for the right items or resources. Your design needs to be clearly organized and easy to follow. Simple layouts with quality buttons, text, and images that let users find what they are looking for with ease will help boost customer retention. 


This feature is crucial because online users don’t want the inconvenience of having to figure out how to check out, contact customer care, or find the search bar. If they find your site confusing to navigate, they’ll likely just leave and look for a competitor.


3 – Responsiveness


The more responsive your website is, the better customer experience you will be able to offer. Having a responsive website means users will enter your site, and every asset loads quickly. Whenever they go to a new page, it shouldn’t take too long for everything to show up. If they click something, the intended action should happen.


Users and search engine algorithms alike are not friendly toward unresponsive websites. Data shows that users will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. With that same principle, search engines like Bing and Google will end up ranking you lower on search results pages.


4 – User-Friendly Design


Can you picture yourself using your own website? The best way to know if your site is user-friendly is to try and use it as a regular customer.


Your design should be easy on the eyes, not hard to understand, and look high-quality. Instead of going for a convoluted, jumbled mess, you want to create a simple yet effective platform that users will be able to visit with ease.


5 – Mobile Optimization


The majority of online shoppers do their shopping on mobile devices now. If you look at the online traffic on e-commerce platforms and even search engines, mobile is beating out desktop now. Don’t alienate that huge market just because your website design isn’t optimized for mobile.




Of course, there are plenty of other factors that will help you stand out above the rest, like reviews, diverse payment options, and easy shipping methods. However, these five features are the website design cornerstones that make up your site and absolutely cannot be relegated to the end of your priority list.


With proper integration, you can increase relevant traffic to your website and make e-commerce a more viable avenue for your business.

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