7 Reasons Why a Mobile-Friendly Site is a Necessity

People spend an average of 5 hours every day on their smartphones. No, it’s not all YouTube cat videos (though there is lots of that).


More than half of smartphone users found a new brand or product when searching on their cellphones. It’s not simply a good idea to have a mobile-friendly website; it’s a must. Continue reading for seven reasons why your business needs one.


  1. Your Customers are Using Phones


The number one reason you need a responsive website is that your clients are using mobile devices. Mobile devices account for 57% of all web traffic.


More than half of your clients are doing their research on your company using their cellphones. What type of experience do you provide them with?


  1. Increased Lead Generation


Another reason you need a mobile-friendly website is the increase in leads. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, most of your clients will not want to give you their contact information.


A survey from Experian Marketing Services found that 49% of mobile visitors are willing to give out their contact information when they find the website they are looking for, compared to only 36% of desktop visitors.


  1. Mobile Sites Are Often Perceived As More Trustworthy


Google has also announced that it will be providing a ranking boost to mobile sites that are perceived as more trustworthy. How will they decide whether a site is trustworthy?


According to Google, your site will be trustworthy if it’s easy to use, requires less time to load, and allows mobile users to have a “comfortable” experience.


  1. You’ll Have an Easier Time Sharing Content


Do you share your content on social media? If so, you know that it’s a pain in the neck.


For example, Facebook changed its algorithm a while back to favor content shared natively on Facebook. That means that if you share your content on Facebook, it will get more visibility. But here’s the thing: not all shareable content is suitable for Facebook. If your content is mobile-friendly, it’s a lot easier to share and reach your customers.


  1. Your Competitors Are on Mobile


If you’re not on mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of business. Maybe your competitors haven’t turned up in Google yet. But their customers have. If your competitor has a mobile-friendly website, customers will be checking them out on their smartphones.


  1. More Economical and Flexible Compared to App Development


Mobile-friendly websites are better than mobile apps because they are more economical and flexible.


You pay a one-time fee for a mobile-friendly website, whereas an app requires an ongoing subscription fee. Mobile apps are also more challenging to maintain and are more expensive.


A mobile-friendly website is more flexible because you can update information and make changes quickly to match the needs of your business.


If you’re not already on mobile, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of business very soon.




There you have it! Mobile-friendliness is now a Google ranking factor. So if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re going to suffer in search rankings. And if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you could be missing out on a lot of business.


So what are you waiting for?


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