4 Core Principles of Conversion-Focused Design

It may not be a part of your job as a manager or an e-commerce business owner to know the technicalities involved in building a landing page. However, it will do your business good if you have enough knowledge to discuss in detail what you believe good design is, so you can come up with marketing assets that convert and deliver the highest ROI possible. The best way to start is by learning what a conversion-focused design is and its principles:


What Exactly Is a Conversion-Centered Design?


A conversion-centered design is one that uses persuasive techniques, including some psychological triggers that help engage users so that they’d respond to a CTA. Its primary focus is getting your web visitors to sign up for your newsletters or buy your products.


The approach to design goes far beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing landing page. In the end, it should look good, but it should perform better!

What Are the Principles of a Conversion-Focused Design?


While designers may have different techniques, most of them follow these four core principles when creating a landing page:


  • Establish Just One Point of Focus


You might think that it’s better to give visitors more options. The truth is, if you provide web users more options, they are more likely to get distracted, and there’s a bigger chance that they’ll leave the page without responding to any calls to action.


If you want your landing page to be effective, you need to determine a single objective for your campaign and focus on that. All the elements of the page will then lead to that single action you want the web user to take.


  • Remain Consistent with Your Brand Image


A landing page is just one of the many stops in a buyer journey, and you must ensure that it is aligned with all the others, like your website and social media ads.


But how can you achieve consistency? There are many ways to do this. For one, you can use the same color palette in all your channels, and the same fonts and style of writing. All these will help deliver a seamless experience, build customer trust, and of course, increase conversions!


  • Utilize the Power of Visuals


Did you know that most web users are enticed by visuals? This is why social media posts with videos and images often get more “likes” than simple text posts. If you want your landing page to work, you have to utilize the power that videos and photos have. That way, your audience can connect with you, and you’ll be able to share with them the emotional benefits of your products or services.


This means that you must not use any stock photos, though! It’s your brand that’s on the line, so have the images and videos professionally taken, and you won’t regret it.


  • Use Social Proof to Build Trust


It would be easier to convert web visitors if they can see that your brand is trustworthy. As such, why not post testimonials of your satisfied customers? Likewise, make sure to include their names, companies, and job titles, if possible. It will be better if your product or service results can also be posted, so potential customers can see what it’s like to be your customer.




At this point, you now know four core principles observed and applied for a landing page design. As you can see, all of them focus on making the experience of the customer better while boosting your brand to a point where it’s easy for a potential customer to actually convert. These principles are applicable not only to landing page design but also to your general approach to online marketing!


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