The Number of Pages Required In a Website and Its Relevance

Building a website from scratch is never easy. In recent years, content management systems like WordPress and Tumblr have allowed content creators to publish their content even on their own. However, web designers and developers are still needed if you want a more intricate website. Once the website has been set up, the next question is how many pages do you need to fill? If you’re someone new in the digital space, how many pages is enough?


Meeting a Need


It is easy to get lost in the idea of a website having multiple pages upon its launch. The most successful websites globally all have hundreds, even thousands of web pages in their arsenal. However, as beginners, we fail to realize that they also began with a single page. Your goal as a content creator is to start from somewhere.


  1. What Kind is My Webpage?


Try to identify the main goal of your website. Is it a personal blog, a business page, or a website that aims to inform? The type of website you want to put up determines the number of pages it should have.


If it’s a personal website or blog, it’s likely that the pages in it are determined by the readers. Your readers can leave comments for topic suggestions which will drive the number of pages you have. Meanwhile, if you are putting up a website for your business, it should have a basic landing page. It would be great to have a contact page, an About Us page, and even a services page. However, if your page aims to inform, page numbers can easily go beyond two digits.


  1. The Core Pages


Now that you have identified the kind of website you want to be, it’s time to identify the core pages you might need. Core pages can be used to categorize content in a website for users to easily navigate through it.


For example, a news website may need to have a core page each for international news, local news, and business news. Meanwhile, a business page needs a home page, contact or order page, a privacy policy page, and a product or services page to generate interactions from potential customers.


  1. Go Big, But Don’t Go Home


Keep in mind that the number of pages has nothing to do with the number of people visiting a website. However, a website can deliver a visitor’s needs regardless of the number of pages it has. A website that depends on organic search traffic may need more pages to become successful. But then, the number of pages should arise from need and not because it’s cooler to have more.




Creating websites from scratch is still a bit tricky for newbies. It is easy to lose track of the pages you need to publish in order to rank properly on Google search results. However, considering a few things helps you identify your website, its needs, and the number of pages it should start with. Having a personal web designer can also help you identify what your website needs.


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