The Importance of Search Engine Optimization in eCommerce

One of the terms we often hear in digital marketing is SEO. It is a set of endeavors involving the improvement of an organization’s online presence to ensure it appears closer to the top ranks of search results. With all the avenues for promotion and direct interaction with consumers, how essential is search engine optimization (SEO)?


Let’s break down the key reasons why it’s considered a must-have for any eCommerce website.


SEO Generates Traffic 


Online shoppers do their research before shopping. Even if they have a product in mind, they’ll look it up on search engines to see reviews, comparisons, and deals. Statistics from consumer data show that more than half of eCommerce shoppers consider this search process pivotal to their purchase decisions.


With Google reigning supreme, it’s important to rank high enough that Google shows your business, website, or products in its top results. With SEO, you can ensure that your brand is a relevant result to various queries from your target audience. People check Google to discover what they need, so SEO is your means of bringing the people to you.


It Reduces Overhead for eCommerce Marketing 


An important factor to consider when taking on any digital marketing strategy is cost. Many routes will inevitably drive traffic and translate to sales, but this needs to be matched up against how much money you’re spending on marketing.


SEO, when done correctly, serves as a viable source of traffic both during active campaigns and passively as long as people continue to search online. Its cost alone is already lower than other tactics like influencer marketing or PPC advertising, and its return of investment is long-term. This level of sustainability makes it one of the most justifiable marketing investments.


SEO Lends Brand Credibility and Visibility


Because of the nature of Google’s position in people’s eyes, visibility on the search engine becomes more than just a way to let yourself be seen by potential customers. It’s a way of immediately establishing your level of credibility and trustworthiness.


There is a perception among users that if your content shows up on the first page of Google results, it is more likely to be legitimate. Google filters out content to only show relevant and organic results below its ads, so the most click-throughs will go there. 


On top of this, users don’t tend to scroll that far if they’ve already found what they need. 67.6% of clicks go to just the first five results.


It Makes the Customer Journey Easier


If your customer has an easy time navigating their way to purchase, their probability of buying increases. This is why physical stores are set up to funnel customers with ease. How this translates online starts from their search and trickles over to your website or platform.


A combination of good SEO practices and proper UX and UI design will do the trick. Your customer looks for something they need online, clicks on it, gets led to your website, and checks out. The smoothness of this experience, be it on desktop or mobile, will be crucial for conversion.




Because of how integrated SEO is with the modern eCommerce consumer’s lifestyle, it remains one of the better digital marketing services out there. Because of its effective results and return on investment, SEO remains the industry standard. Any eCommerce website or retailer should consider adding to their strategy to maximize their online coverage.


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