3 Reasons Why Your Brand Must Market With Google

Statistics show that about 90 percent of the entire population only look at the first page of results when inquiring in search engines. Correspondingly, Google is the most powerful search engine today. Thus, marketers usually make it their mission to rank higher when they market with Google.


On that note, there are several ways you can use to reach the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). However, such techniques as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) take a tremendous amount of time before yielding actual results. Hence, most business owners now turn to a platform known as Google My Business (GMB).


Google My Business is a free and intuitive digital tool that allows organizations and businesses to manage and enhance their online presence across Google. It has numerous functions that grant companies the ability to build a profile, create a listing, post updates, and many more.


In simpler terms, it makes it easier to promote your business and get your brand on the first page of Google. And if you’re pretty curious about how this platform can help your company intensify its advertising efforts, here are three irrefutable reasons why it makes for an effective marketing tool.


1. It Increases Your Visibility in Google


In the past, the only way for a brand to reach the front page of Google’s SERP is to work hard on ranking higher. However, Google My Business gives local companies the chance to showcase their business on the first page of the search engine through listings.


Local listings usually appear before organic search results. So when users search for a particular product or service, the first thing they will see are listings of local businesses related to what they searched. Furthermore, there will be no need to emphasize using location-based keywords since the platform automatically organizes listings according to the registered whereabouts of the companies.


2. It Enhances Traffic and Sales Leads


In Google My Business, there are multiple verification steps that every company must finish before they get to appear in local searches. Thus, consumers can place their trust more on businesses included in listings.


A survey shows that businesses are 70 percent more likely to attract visits from browsing users, thereby increasing traffic and sales after registering on the platform. Furthermore, business websites also receive more clicks and impressions when included in GMB listings.


3. It Fosters Trust Through Reviews


Based on a study, 90 percent of online users read reviews before purchasing a product or availing of a service. And fortunately, GMB makes it easier for your customers to leave your business a review on your page.


Previous star ratings and reviews are also visible on the web, so potential customers can quickly see what the others have to say about their experience with your company. Ultimately, this allows you to build and foster consumer trust.




There are plenty more things Google My Business can provide to help enhance your marketing initiatives. You can backlink to your website in your posts, list your company in Google Maps, and many more. But though these are pretty special functions and features, perhaps the best part is that all of these are free. Hence, you can allocate more funds to other operations and processes for the growth of your company.


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